Interface Electronics

Electric-field control of charge carrier density has attracted much attention since it is remarkably simple for modulating physical properties of condensed matters and for exploring new functionalities with a transistor configuration. To realize novel field-effect modulated electronic phenomena in solids, a broad range of attainable carrier density is always required. However, so far, owing to the limitation of dielectric breakdown in most solid dielectrics, the maximum carrier density accumulated in conventional field-effect transistors (FETs) is quite low (<< 1013  cm-2) and thus seriously limits the tunability of electronic states of solids, for example, not sufficient enough to induce insulator-to-superconductor transition. While, recently a new type of transistor, known as electric-double-layer transistor (EDLT), with ionic liquids (ILs) as gate dielectrics have been proved to be able to effectively attain a high carrier density up to levels of around 1015 cm-2 and to realize a large local electric field up to 50mV/cm at liquid/solid interfaces, which are attracting increasing interests because of their potential to greatly tune electronic states and even to create novel states of matter which are impossible or difficult to obtain in conventional methods.

We are interested in the interfacial carrier accumulation within liquid gated transistors and their novel tunability of varied electronic phase transitions in oxides, chacogenides and oxychacogenides under an electric field. In particular we are interested in realizing novel devcie functionality based on such an interface control and electronic state manipulation.

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